Happy Canada D’Eh!

My family and I, along with our family-friends, decided to drive down to Washington for the long-weekend. We all found it hilarious that we would be spending a small portion of Canada Day (July 1st) in the United States, but it definitely made for a less busy, less bustling and more relaxed celebration.

We spent the morning of Canada day having a picnic at Northern State Recreation Area in Skagit County. This large park and recreation area was once a farm connected to the Northern State Hospital. Today, the ruins of the farm remain. There are a few trails in the park that take you around the old buildings, though it’s discouraged to set foot inside a few of them because of the weak structure. My friends, sister and I had a lot of fun exploring the area. There was both a calm and slight eeriness to the buildings. Hopefully nothing shows up in these photos that weren’t there before (heh heh).

In the afternoon, we made our way to La Conner, a little waterfront town. I have a huge love for small towns, so this was a real treat!! We grabbed lunch at one of the port-side restaurants, then set off exploring the town’s many quaint shops.

We made the long drive back home, jamming out to my sister’s 80’s playlist. Once we arrived home, we were exhausted and some of us were ready to retire for the night. I cozy’d up with a really good book by the window and when the time came I was able to watch and listen for the fireworks. All in all, it was a pretty good Canada Day!!

Author: Angie

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  • The view at Northern State Hospital looks so cool! Did they really discourage exploring because of weak structures or that the place could be haunted? 😛 Happy (belated) Canada Day, casin! Glad to see you had fun.

    • Maybe a bit of both, haha! Thank you lola, Happy July 4th to you!! (We’re celebrating it by marathon-ing stranger things S3 hehe)

  • It is interesting to learn about the different venues within the recreation area. Oh man, I wouldn’t want to explore inside the buildings either, not worth the chance!! Glad you and your family had fun exploring the Northern State Recreation Area! I love your pictures!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • Thank you Nancy we had a blast!! Yeah, we didn’t know that this place existed until it was pointed out to us, we’ll definitely be coming back.
      A lot of the buildings had glass shards and rotting wood, so it’s probably best not to set foot in them haha!

  • This was such a cute post. It looks like you all had a lot of fun and the pictures look awesome. I will definitely have to check that out if I am ever in Washington.