Rustic and Colourful

Yay for hole-in-the-wall cafés!! One day in July, I met up with some friends and we swung by Le Marché St. George. It has a rustic exterior and is nestled in a quiet residential area just a few blocks off of Main Street in Vancouver. Le Marché St. George is also beautifully decorated inside. There are crates boasting bundles of flowers, lotions, candles and other goodies.

The café serves an array of treats – sweet or savoury crêpes and ice cream to name a few. We had a great time sitting in the sun, laughing and catching up on life. Our table was crowded with lattés, a spinach and cheese quiche, a chocolate pastry and a nutella crêpe topped with strawberries, raspberries and bananas. YUM.

After relaxing at the café, we walked to Queen Elizabeth Park. Queen Elizabeth Park has many beautiful gardens, a lookout where visitors get a view of downtown Vancouver and the Bloedel Conservatory which sits at the very top of the hill.

One thing I love about my group of friends is that they are always down to have little photo-ops. This park was perfect because of all the greenery and blooming flowers. The only downside was that it was boiling hot out (my cheeks were red by the end of the day and I may have gotten a tad sunburnt. Always wear and reapply that SPF folks!)

There’s no judgement when we’re posing and photographing each other. In fact we’re always loudly hyping each other up! Hope you enjoy these solo shots of my beautiful friends. We don’t see each other often, but when we do, there’s no awkward lull; our conversations always pick up right where we left off! They’re the older sisters I don’t have, and I love them tons!

Author: Angie

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  • Hole in one places definitely have to be my favorite kind of places! There’s just something so special about them!

    Glad you had a great time with your friends! And your photos came out so cute – yay for photo ops ;D

    • yes I felt the same way – love how they used all the crates and displayed the dried flower bouquets. Didn’t have a latte myself, but we split the crepe and it was delicious! 🙂 x

  • Oooh, the crepes from the cafe look super delicious. I love how the flaylay was taken! Queen Elizabeth Park looks really nice with the different trees surrounding the conservatory. I love how you all took some photoshoots! Hope you had a great time out there. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥

    • We had an amazing time despite the heat! The crepe was so good, I’d definitely go back for more! 🙂
      It’s not pictured, but there was also a large fountain next to the conservatory (which houses tons of birds!). Definitely one of the most beautiful parks in Vancouver. Thank you for stopping by ! <3