A Summer Celebration

As I’m writing this, the leaves are falling outside, the sun sets earlier and we’ve had several rainy days. Fall is a beautiful season, but this post is a little throwback to a sunny and warmer celebration this past summer.

My family hosted a large beach potluck in July to celebrate three events: my sister’s birthday, her graduation from high school, and my graduation from nursing school (it was a very busy year for us haha!). We invited many of our relatives and friends – close family-friends, school friends, childhood friends and so on – which made for a big (and loud) celebration.

My family and I don’t usually host big parties. When we were planning for this event, we were stressing about the quantity of dishes we would have and the different activities we would prepare for the guests. It all worked out in the end, as a number of our friends contributed their own dishes for the day. One of our Titas (Aunts) has a baking business, and baked this beautiful and delicious basketball-themed birthday cake for my sister. It looked too good to eat!

A few of our friends brought their own games as well. We spread out our picnic blankets and sat in the sun playing slap-jack, spoons and exploding kittens.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss someone (or several someones) until you see them after so many days, months or years, and all these memories start flooding back. There were many guests that played such a pivotal role in the lives of my sister and I – some took care of us as kids while our parents had work, some acted as mentors, others were dear childhood friends that we used to see every weekend. While there were definitely some tears shed, it was still a joyful and fun day.

Author: Angie

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