roll film one: trial and error

In April of this year, my grandpa gave me his film camera. I have been wanting to own one and to start shooting film, so I was incredibly excited! I love playing with the camera settings and enjoy the notion of not exactly knowing how a photo turns out (although I always hope they turn out reasonably okay ’cause film ain’t cheap!).

I thought it would be fun to start a series where I share photos developed from each finished roll. When everything is developed it’s a nice way to look back and reminisce on moments that occurred.

The following photos are from my first roll. Things didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted them to. I had 36 shots and less than half of that actually developed *FAIL* (we’re not getting into the specific number of photos that successfully developed, way too embarrassing!). But I’m not giving up just yet! If you are camera-savvy please help your girl out!

I’ll admit that I was a little sad that all the photos didn’t develop. I had taken lots on the road, in Los Angeles and at Yosemite National Park, and was looking forward to seeing how they turned out. The only one from Yosemite that survived is of my cousin Eena, with Lower Yosemite Falls behind her.

I’m quite happy with the ones that did develop though! In the next few photos, we were all getting dolled up for my cousin’s wedding day. We woke up, had breakfast, then excitedly returned to our room to lay out our dresses and accessories. The sister-team from A & A Bridal Hair and Make-up arrived and did such a fabulous job on us!

The last two photos – which were also the last two shots on this roll – were taken at the town of Fort Langley. Fort Langley has many independent shops, bakeries and cafés. This is one of my (and my family’s) favourite spots to relax. We frequently drive out here to grab warm drinks and treats. Every now and then it’s nice to be away from the city.

That’s all for this first roll. Despite feeling slightly disappointed with not seeing all the photos, the whole situation makes for a good laugh. As I’m writing this post, I’ve already started shooting a second roll of film. My dad, who used this camera when he was younger, is helping me figure out the settings so that I won’t run into this same problem again haha. We’ve been reviewing tutorials, tips and tricks from online videos and forums. It’s all trial and error for now. Fingers crossed that all 36 – or at least half – develop the second time around!



Author: Angie

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  • Trial and error, girl, trial and error! I love that of all the shots that survived from Yosemite, it had to be that one lolol. Anyways, can’t wait to see the rest of your film masterpieces and see you soon!!

    • It’s a CUTE photo, what are ya talking about! Was looking forward to all the other photos of the falls, but next time. We should check out the firefall If we ever go in February 🙂

  • It is always cool to see oldschool cameras still being used. I love that you can really get down with the film developments. Either way, you still got some pretty cool shots in! The pictures look nice and vintage. The pictures of the town looks pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing your next roll! Hopefully more will turn up :).

    Nancy ♥

    • old school cameras are the best!! There’s something about film photos that I really love. Thank you Nancy, I hope the second roll is more successful!!

    • Thank you sophie! I definitely want to make film photography a new hobby of mine – guess I need more practise! 🙂

  • ahhhhhhhh film rolls and analogue vibes!!<333

    my first film roll was almost all black except for 4 pictures, the second one had almost all pictures not on focus but even after these fails, film photography is my biggest passion!

    I also call my blog 35mm for this XD

    keep shooting that I am curious to see moree!!

    Cate // 35mminstyle

    • Yes, it’s so much fun shooting film (and exciting to wait for the results!). I love the photos on your blog Cate! Do you happen to have any insight or knowledge with why some of my photos didn’t develop? I’m just trying to figure out if it was the settings or how I inserted my film haha!

  • Aww sorry not all the photos developed successfully, I would cry!!! These pictures here however are really cute, I like how you scribbled the people in the back lol! I’m sure the place was gorgeous. How about you go back and re-take them? jkjk hahah 😉

  • Thank you for sharing your trial and error! It’s important to know that it takes some time and practice until the photos come out exactly how you were expecting them. I will get my dad’s film camera this Christmas and I am SO EXCITED!
    I wish you the best of luck for your next rolls <3


    • Thank you Isabel!! I’m almost finished the second roll and planning to drop it off to get developed. Hoping things turn out better the second time haha!

      What type of film camera is it? That’s so exciting, and I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your experience with film! <3

      • All I know is that it’s a Nikon F65 and it looks real fancy to the untrained eye (mine). I will for sure be sharing some beginning of next year, thanks for the support!

  • Hey, at least they look very vintage 😉 I love the ones that you shared with us!! I think that last shot is my favourite. I haven’t shot on a 35 mm since I took photography my senior year of high school, but I have this cute little disposable camera that I need to get film for asap!! Loved this x

    • thanks macey! the last photo is my favourite too! <3

      do you happen to have any idea as to what might've gone wrong with the other photos (i.e. the ones that didn't develop)? I'm trying to figure out if I loaded the film properly, or if it was just over-exposed haha! I just dropped off my second roll so fingers crossed that one turns out better!

    • That was my thinking too Audrey! When I had my first set of developed photos, I was like, “what did I do wrong?!” haha! But it’s still so much fun to take film photos. There’s an aspect to the photos that I love seeing!

    • I’m not giving up so soon haha! I actually got my second roll developed, and more photos made it than the first time, hurray!