roll film two: autumn

When I dropped off my second roll of film to be developed, I was nervous that the outcome would be the same as my first roll of film. I was really excited when I received the second set of photos a couple of days ago. 26 photos out of 36 shots successfully developed (a lot better than 7 out of 36, yay!). Not only did more photos develop, but the images turned out well for the most part.

The photos on this roll were shot throughout autumn and around different places. One of our autumn adventures was having family-time around Vancouver. The first few photos are from our visit to Deep Cove, which is a small community in North Vancouver. I get the same small-town vibes from Deep Cove as I do from Fort Langley – lots of quaint bakeries and coffee shops!

After exploring Deep Cove, we drove to Buddha-full for a little merienda. Buddha-full is a plant-based cafe, and one that I’ve always wanted to check out! Their food was delicious – and according to my dad, the coffee was one of the best he’s had.

When the sun started to come out, we decided to enjoy the rest of the day at Lonsdale Quay. Lonsdale is a little market-area in West Vancouver. There were a bunch of visitors and vendors out. There’s a tall “Q” structure on the Quay, and stairs for people to climb up. My mom, sister and I made our way up the “Q” and got a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver weather is on-and-off and unpredictable. We had several cold, gloomy days, but this made us more determined to go out and enjoy the sunnier days. Even with the cold, my family and I went on a few hikes. We also made several trips back to our favourite town, Fort Langley.

The following photos were from our trip to Leavenworth, WA, where we spent our Thanksgiving. Our visit also coincided with their Oktoberfest celebrations, so there were many tourists exploring the Bavarian Village.

Most of this autumn was also spent around Langley. I met up with one of my cousins, Kristina, and we grabbed tacos at Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen. They had different flavours and we decided to share one chicken, one beef and one cactus taco (which was new for us!). I also explored downtown Langley with my dad, and we saw some cool street art. The last two photos are of a wall mural and a “Lend a Hand” art piece that I really loved.

Author: Angie

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  • I love that you are still processing your film! The more you do it, the more familiarized you are with the camera! You get all of the nice greenery out there! Your parents are so cute!!! Your sister too, hehe. It is great that you caught up with Kristina! Glad you’ve been enjoying your time lately! 🙂 Sending you lots of love!

    Nancy ♥

    • Thanks so much Nancy! I’m beyond happy that they developed and turned out better than the last batch!! Family time is always fun : ) Sending you lots of love back!! <3

    • Thank you Mai! That’s what I love about film photos, I forgot I had taken some of these shots, so It’s a fun way to reminisce certain moments!

  • love the tone! i’m guessing this was a fujifilm roll? this makes me wanna go out and shoot again, especially since i still have a few fresh rolls (but aah, i just don’t wanna waste them since film rolls are so pricey these days XD)

    • Thank you! and you’re right, I used fujifilm 🙂

      Film rolls are pricey, but we found some good deals ordering online (I ordered a box of 3 rolls for a cheaper price from walmart!)