Frozen Ears at Golden Ears

In light of what’s happening in the world right now, the last couple weeks has involved staying safe at home with my family. We certainly miss being outside with our loved ones; we hope everyone is staying safe and that everything resolves soon. In the mean time, we’ve been keeping busy by attempting new recipes, watching looots of netflix, and looking back at old (old-ish?) photos. Lots of fun memories came up and I thought it would be great to share some old adventures here!

Disclaimer: Most of the photos in this post were taken from my boyfriend’s really cool phone camera (thank you Josh, I love you).

Awhile ago, before quarantine and before the park was closed, Josh and I spent a day hiking at Golden Ears Provincial Park. It was quite chilly up there. The surrounding mountains were still capped with snow and it made for a very pretty sight!

This was our first hike together. I think I complained more about the cold than Josh, he took it like a champ. We ended up sharing my pair of gloves (one glove each) and kept going. There was no way we’d let the cold stop us from reaching the end of the trail!!

Josh and I dodged a mucky, muddy part of the trail, and eventually made it to the end. We were greeted by misty air and the beautiful view of lower falls. Along the way, we had fun pointing out “faces” in the logs, trees and rocks we passed by haha.

The misty air had us feeling colder, but we got closer to the falls anyways. At times – especially during the summer – the park is bustling with visitors. Many people like sitting on the rocks or by the river for a nice snack break. During this visit, the trails weren’t as busy. Josh and I had time to sit by the falls and take lots of pictures!

The path continues up to a point where you can see the river that flows into lower falls. You can’t go any further as there’s no clear path for hikers, but the view was just as pretty as lower falls itself. Josh and I stood at a safe spot and snapped some quick photos. He caught a really famous person on camera, but I can’t seem to find that shot…


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