roll film three: before quarantine

Hello again!!

I recently developed my third roll of film and the photos turned out great. They include captures from fall of last year, as well as the beginning of this year, before quarantine.

It took awhile to get these developed. Many stores and malls were closed at the beginning of quarantine, and unless it was absolutely necessary, my household and I avoided grocery stores or any other super crowded areas. The exception was trails and regional parks that remained open, so long as we kept our distance and were safe (i.e. bringing hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes).

Now, businesses are slowly reopening where I live (with many precautions in place, understandably), it’s not as crowded as usual (many places are limiting store capacity) and I was able to drop off this roll to get it developed.

Crescent Beach, Fall 2019

It’s interesting looking back at all these photos, and seeing how much has changed. I took a couple of pictures some time in November (see above), but as the holidays rolled in, I got so busy and I had to set the camera aside.

It wasn’t until February of this year that I finally picked up my camera again. A lot had happened at that point – my family and I participated in our first Sinulog in early February (we were a part of the performance and planning process) and I’ve met many new faces who’ve taken up special spaces in my heart.

Fort Langley, Winter 2020

Something that I enjoy with film photos is seeing the depth of the images (like the flowers above). There’s also an old-fashioned vibe that the pictures give off and I love it!!

Although these photos were taken before quarantine, I started a fourth roll shortly after getting these pictures developed. When I picked up my camera again this past February, I realized how therapeutic it was for me to go out, and take photos. It’s one form of self-care for me. It keeps me in the moment, calm, mindful, grateful and level-headed. Our minds can be weighed down, especially with everything happening right now; taking care of each other and of our own well-being is really important.


Stay safe, everyone! <3

Author: Angie

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  • ahhhh these photos came out so good! I really like the photos of you plus your outfits in them – super cute!! can’t wait for the next batch of films!