Kanaka Creek Regional Park

Quarantine brought the closures of many parks and trails in our area, whether that be temporary, indefinite or permanent closures. With that being said, not all of the parks were closed. A number of regional parks remain open, with visitor advisories and precautions in place.

Josh and I decided to visit Kanaka Creek Regional Park, which is out in Maple Ridge, BC. This was Josh’s first visit, and my second time. My first visit was in February last year, with my family – there was a lot of snow in the area, and we didn’t get to explore all of the park at the time.

Disclaimer: Some of the following photos in this post were taken with Josh’s supercool phone! Thank you Josh! <3

Josh and I ended up at a different parking lot and entrance of the park. The trail at this end of the park takes you right alongside the loud, rushing creek.

The creek runs throughout the park. There are a few intersecting trails that help form a main loop in Kanaka Creek. The path goes uphill, downhill, and is a mix of dirt trails and stairs. At some points we crossed a couple of bridges too!

Josh and I definitely got a work out here, what with all the steep areas we had to get through. Thankfully, the weather was also on our side as we hiked: the skies were clear, it was warm (but not too, too hot). It did rain a bit later on, as we headed home.

Josh and I had visited a few other open regional parks in the Fraser Valley, and we both agreed that Kanaka was one of our favourites so far. You’re in the thick of the forest, and the trails give visitors a good challenge without being too overwhelming. You also get multiple views of the beautiful creek!

There are a bunch of picnic areas and open fields in the park. After Josh and I finished the loop and returned to our parking spot, we sanitized ourselves down, and prepped all of our snacks. I brought my ipad, where we watched Stranger Things. All in all, it ended up being a really good adventure for us!


Author: Angie

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  • Kanaka Creek Regional Park looks beautiful!! I hear there’s a ton of beautiful hiking spots in BC, I definitely want to visit them one day!! I love that you brought your ipad with you so you can take a break and watch Stranger Things as well HAHA!! <3

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    • oh definitely Geraldine, there’s a ton of hiking spots up here! When it’s finally safe, and you come up to visit, let me know I’d be happy to give you a bunch of recommendations on places to check out 🙂 and yeah, can’t go wrong with a lil netflix & picnic to end the day haha!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Hi Angie! So happy to see you back from your little blogging break hehe. Ooooh love that you both took a trip out to the Kanaka Creek Regional Park! I love the greenery and nature!! The pictures turned out great. Glad you both had an amazing time out there :). Hope you’re staying safe!! Looking forward to going back out again hehe.

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    • Thank you Nancy! We’re staying safe up here, and wishing you the same down in the states. Really miss getting to visit! Hope things are well <3