Sunflower Festival Fun!

Hello again!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Richmond Sunflower Festival with Josh, his brother Jordan, and their mom. It was my second time going to any sunflower festival, but my first time visiting the fields in Richmond (last time we drove all the way out to Chilliwack!).

Disclaimer: Photos in this post were either taken by me, Josh, Jordan or Tita! (Thank you guys for the fun day!).

Richmond’s sunflower field was spacious, with many rows of sunflowers, mazes, and other flowers too, like dahlias. We enjoyed the vibrant colours around us and took photos wherever we could.

Precautions were in place throughout the area. Only a couple of small groups were let in at a time. We stayed in our own group, socially distanced away from others, and there were numerous sanitizing stations in the field.

Although I enjoyed both flower fields (Chilliwack and Richmond), I really loved how Richmond’s fields had different props scattered throughout the area. There were colourful chairs, stairs, vintage cars, tractors, carriages, a huge sign board and more! It made the photo-ops even more fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take photos with the vintage cars as there was a line-up and we did not have enough time.

After the sunflower fields, we went to Pepper Lunch for dinner…just kidding! It was for lunch. It was my first time there, and the food was so good (I didn’t get to take photos because I was hungry and gobbled it all down!). Basically the place serves their food on hot plates, so it’s sizzling and cooking right in front of you. I had the chicken pepper pasta, and it was yummy!!!

All in all, it was a great day. We were glad the weather was just as warm and sunny as the sunflowers. Thank you to Josh, Jordan and Tita for letting me tag along with them to these beautiful fields!!

Author’s Note: Josh and Jordan do Jiu-jitsu! Follow along on their journey at Josh Jitsu on YouTube, and Joshxjitsu on instagram! Jordan makes music too, find him on spotify at MJinthebooth!



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