Exploring Shangrila Farm

Many weeks ago, I visited a dahlia garden with Josh and his mom (this was before we entered our current lockdown). Shangrila Farm is a 10 acre garden in Mission, BC. It is a beautiful place full of flowers, vineyards, mazes, photo-op areas, and is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Although it’s farther out from where we live, it was worth the drive!

As with other places, many covid precautions were in place such as hand sanitizing and encouraging visitors to maintain a safe distance from other groups.

Disclaimer: Photos in this post were taken by either myself, Josh or Tita!

As you first enter Shangrila Farm, it appears to be small. But, there’s a tunnel through the vineyards that takes visitors to the rest of the garden. We were in awe seeing all the flowers, the little bridges, and creative arches and figures that were made from branches. You can tell a lot of effort and creativity was put into this place.

There were twisting trails and tunnels, and many cute stuffed animals decorated the trees and branches. We even ran into some intergalactic space friends!

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun taking photos with the flowers and props they had around the garden. According to the owners of the place, it was their first year opening. We thought they did a wonderful job, and the whole garden is beautiful so much fun to explore. We look forward to seeing them again next season!

A big thank you to Josh and Tita for inviting me along on this little adventure.


Author: Angie

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