Hello world, and welcome to On Angie’s Map. This is my little corner of the inter-web where I’ll be writing about my travels, hikes, books that I love, and sharing about my life’s happenings, big and small.

Who am I?

If you haven’t guessed at this point, I’m Angie! I’m a bookworm and nurse residing somewhere along the west-coast of Canada. I am also that wacky relative who likes making home-videos.

I have a penchant for exploring the world and a huge love for disneystudio ghibli, cute cafés and small towns. I enjoy capturing moments from the adventures I go on and with those I share it with.

Behind the blog

I have always wanted a space where I can be creatively liberated and can share my photos, stories and thoughts. My super rad cousin Eena has always encouraged me to start a blog, and here we are now.

What’s in a name?

This blog had another name, but I wanted a fresh start. On Angie’s Map is short-and-sweet, more personal and reflects my love for traveling. Perfect.


All photos featured on this blog are mine, unless otherwise noted.